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Ashley Wood Stoves can be a welcome addition to any home. They provide the ambiance of an old-time cast iron stove of yesteryear. Their craftsmanship is undeniably dependable and of high-quality. In addition to looking good, they also provide a vast source of heat.

Although Ashley Wood Stoves have been manufactured since 1905, they were purchased in 1978 by Martin Industries and are now owned and operated by the US Stove Company. Upon purchasing the company in the 1990’s, they have continued to bring us these superior and durable products of days gone by.

Ashley was the first to manufacture airtight stoves that had the ability to be controlled via a thermostat. This enabled the stove to provide heat the whole night through unlike its earlier counterparts that had to have wood added at sporadic intervals. Presently, they still have the same superior characteristics and reliability of the earlier units.

Currently, Ashley offers a variety of choices for your heating needs. This includes free-standing units, wood stove fireplace inserts and furnaces. Depending on which model you choose, a free-standing stove can be somewhat more attractive as well as decorative and can be used in almost any room with the proper ventilation and placement of the chimney or stovepipe; but then again, there are also basic units that essentially only function as a heater and nothing more. The fireplace insert includes the mantle as well as the firebox.

The free-standing units and the fireplace inserts are mainly used for residential purposes; however, the furnaces are mostly for larger areas and have a heat output of approximately 100,000 BTU’s per hour while the free-standing and fireplace insert units have an output of 35,000 to 50,000 BTU’s per hour. In other words, they will easily heat a 1200 to 2400-square foot home with no problem.

They are designed to accept wood up to 24 inches in length; which is an additional feature of these stoves. No other stove of this type has this capacity. Another feature is its quiet operation due to its solid cast iron casing. In addition, the ash pan is extremely accessible and easy to empty.

As with all wood burning stoves, you must maintain a safe distance from all walls and other structures. The manufacturer suggests a minimum of at least 17 inches on the sides and 35 inches at the rear. Keep in mind that this information may change depending on the exact unit you purchase. So, you will need to do some checking on the measurements for your unit. Furthermore, you will need to make sure your Ashley Wood Stove is sitting on a proper heat-resistant surface, such as a hearth pad. This will ensure that your unit will operate safely.

Ashley Wood Stoves can be an added benefit to any home or business. With today’s economy, many are looking for ways to cut costs and keep their homes businesses operating more efficiently; so, the decision to go back to the old wood-burning way are looking better with each passing day.

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