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Probably one of the of the most effecient of all wood stoves on the market is the Blaze King. These are known as the rolls royce of wood stoves. What makes these stoves so special is the way they burn wood or shall we say, "don't burn wood". Blaze King manufacturers the top 2 most efficient wood stoves in North America. The King being #1 at 88% Optimum Efficiency (LHV) and 82% Real World Tested Performance (HHV), as listed by the EPA. #2 is the Princess at 88% Optimum Efficiency (LHV) and an 81% Real World Tested Performance (HHV) as listed by the EPA.

Blaze King makes 8 different models of free standing wood stoves. These stoves range from the King model which is a (Extra large catalytic wood stove) all the way down the Sirocco 20.1 which is a (Medium catalytic wood stove). There are 6 models of stoves between these two all with different heating capacities and burn times. The King Heats 1,500 3,000 Square Feet has a 40 hour Low burn time, is thermostatically controlled, has a 4.32 Cubic Foot firebox and has a Max Heat Input of 703,390 BTUs>

The Sirocco 20 which is classed as a (Medium catalytic wood stove), heats 900 1,500 Square Feet, has a 20 Hour Low Burn Time, is thermostatically controlled, has a 1.8 Cubic Foot Firebox and has a Max Heat Input of 293,079 BTUs.

One of the biggest questions asked is "How do Blaze King Classic wood stoves differ from other wood stove?" Well the answer is Night and Day! Blaze King classic models feature a bimetal coil thermostat This simple thermostat evens out the uneven nature of burning wood. Blaze King owners typically only adjust their thermostats once or twice and day. Nearly all other wood stoves have a damper to regulate air-flow and require more frequent adjusting. Also, Blaze King wood stoves are very deep. Not just front to back but real depth. If you were to hypothetically place garden hose into a regular wood stove and turn it on, within seconds the water would begin to flow out the door opening. This is because they are most often only 1 or 2 inches deep. However Blaze King Princess and King models are 6 and 9 deep respectively. This means less frequent cleaning of ashes, ability to load up to 90 pounds of wood in a load and most importantly, they are safer to load since hot coals and embers are kept well below the door opening.

The next question about Blaze King is how do catalytic wood stoves work? Well the answer to that is basically, a substrate material such as cordierite, is plated with two or more precious metals. During the combustion process, the gases that are released result in friction between the plating materials, which can create extremely high temperatures. Since smoke and other gases are load with energy, the catalyst coverts these into usable heat from your home.

Blaze King also offer two different models of inserts. The Princess Insert and the Briarwood II Insert. The Princess Heats 1,200 2,500 Square Feet has a 27 Hour Low Burn Times is thermostatically Controlled and has a 2.54 Cubic Foot Firebox. The Briarwood Heats 600 1,200 Square Feet has a 7 Hour low Burn Times can handlewood up to 22 Log Length and has a 2.1 Cubic Foot Firebox.

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