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Harman pellet stoves is a brand offered by the world's leading producer of hearth products, that being Hearth and Home Technologies, a subsidiary of HNI Corporation who is one of America's top 400 Best Big Companies. With a commitment on quality, function and reliability, Harman attempts to answer the questions of adding comfort and convenience to one's home while also providing a safer and healthier environment within this home.

This is accomplished with Harman pellet models featuring an exhaust sensing probe (ESP) that is incorporated into an innovative computer controlled circuitry which maintains the temperatures you desire throughout the day or night. Also exclusive to these stoves is a specially designed patented feeder and burn pot which uses the correct amount of fuel needed to meet temperature requirements. Models of the Harman Pellet Stoves are as follows:

The Harman XXV Pellet Stove
This stove is an inspiration for Harman's twenty-fifth anniversary, and considered a masterpiece especially designed for convenience, dependability, functionality as well as elegance. Built according to the strict specifications of Harman, this USA built cast iron stove features the most advanced construction and patented technology while adding favorite features such as a glass hopper lid to view the fuel level and mirrored glass that transforms the clear glass with the radiance of the burning fire. A new concept is also utilized with the ability to use a top vent option.

Besides being the quietest of this brand of stoves, other features include a large ash pan easily accessed through a specially designed ash doors, a large glass area, automatic ignition, room sensor, air-cooled combustion blower, super easy cleaning and the Harman Gold Warranty. Specifics of this stove are the BTU range up to 50,000 which will adequately heat 1700 square feet, a hopper capacity of 65 lbs, and an overall weight of 375 Pounds.

Accentra Pellet Stove
Featuring a beautiful traditional cast iron design, this model is a high performance state of the art stove rated well above other pellet stoves on the market. This stove does not use a thermostat but rather a tiny sensing probe which informs the microprocessor in the stove to regulate the right of fuel to maintain a consistent, even room temperature that you set on the Stove Temp Mode. You have the ability to turn this function on or off as required. This unit has a 50 pound hopper capacity, a BTU range up to 40,000, with a heating capacity up to 1400 square feet and weighs in at 370 pounds. A very easy cleaning stove, it also is capable of burning up to a ton of pellets before needing ash removal or cleaning.

Advance Harman Pellet Stove
This another stove using state of the art technology for maintaining the temperature set by the temperature dial. Its secret is its cutting-edge room sensor which avoids fluctuations in temperature. It has a decorative marble tile top, easy top load design with an oversize ash pan. The BTU range is 48,000, with a capacity to heat up to 1500 square feet, a hopper capacity of 60 pounds, and a weight of only 250 lbs.

The P43
While this is the smallest pellet stove, it is also one of the smartest. The P43's advantage is that it burns any grade of pellets at maximum efficiency while maintaining the desired temperature. This stove also provides an automatic feature that starts or shuts itself down as required. It is capable of monitoring room and fire temperatures to determine the best feed rate. The patented feeder and burn pot with the ESP control provides for amazing heat output using various fuel qualities which improves performance and efficiency while conserving fuel. Safety is also a key feature in that this stove cannot overheat. It simply shuts down because it is controlled by the same sensing probes found in other Harman stove models. This stove has a heating capacity of 1400 square feet, provides a BTU range of 43000, a 50 lb hopper capacity and weighs only 212 pounds. It does it all other than load itself and remove one ton of ashes.

Harman P61A
The Harman P61A stove has the ability to automatically adjust to desired room temperatures utilizing room sensors that control the fuel required so that no energy is wasted. The Exhaust Sensing Probe (ESP) is capable of analyzing the output of fuel burned and adjusts the feed rate. This stove model is noted for the widest heating range of any pellet stove and burns any brand of wood pellet regardless of the ash content with ash removal required every one to two months. This stove is capable of heating over 2000 square feet with a 61,000 BTU range. It comes with a large ash pan and hopper capacity of 72 pounds.

Harmen P68
This model lights it own fire automatically and burns at the desired output to maintain the desired room temperature with the ability to shutdown or re-ignite itself if necessary. This stove also has the ESP Harman probe. It does not require the thermostat found in many other pellet stoves as it has sensing probes which send information to the microprocessors. It has a large glass area for viewing, a BTU range of 68,000 which can heat areas of 2200 plus square feet.

Harman PC 45
This is a unique stove as it allows the use of corn for fuel or can use a different burn pot for pellets. Another feature of this stove is that it has the longest between cleaning interval in this industry and can burn up to one to two weeks dependent on the quality of the corn with little attention required other than to remove ashes. This is a practical stove with auto-ignition and auto temperature controls to eliminate the hot/cold cycles while maintaining superior efficiency. It has a heating capacity of 1400 square feet, a BTU range of 45,000, and a hopper capacity for 80 lbs of corn to 145 pounds with an optional hopper extension but can also be used for pellets of 72 to 132 pounds with the extension.

Pellet Pro 38 Plus
A compact, quiet but yet powerful stove providing up to 38000 BTUs with an additional 5000 BTUs available in the Turbo mode. It is highly recommended for use in smaller areas such as mobile homes. This stove is simple to operate and maintain and can hold up to 50 lbs of pellets or 100 lbs with the optional hopper extension. Weighing only 215 lbs, it has many options to add to the decor of any room.

Pellet stoves have become increasingly popular because they burn cleaner, are more efficient and are overall better for the environment because they use wood that can not be used for any other purpose. In addition, they cost less, are easy to install and you can take them with you when you move.

In addition to their popular standalone pellet stoves Harman also manufactures a complete line of fireplace inserts.

With Harman pellet stoves, the automatic features incorporated into their design adds an additional element of efficiency, safety and ease of use not found in many other similar products. Harman's warranty is one of the best in the market place and the stoves qualify for US Tax credits.

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