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Hearthstone Wood Stoves is an American company located in Vermont, They offer many unique, beautiful wood stoves divided into 3 individual collections for every individual style and purpose.
Hearthstone believes that while burning wood creates a romantic ambiance, beautiful flame, and relaxing warmth, it also is a very economical way to heat one's home. They consider wood to be a reliable and clean source of heat and with the strict EPA regulations, today’s wood stoves are much more efficient and have a higher BTU capacity than gas.

Select Collection

Hearthstone is noted for the most popular soapstone stoves in the market. Natural soapstone is a metamorphic rock which can withstand high variances in temperature as well as fire. It has the ability to retain heat as well as direct flame indefinitely. The stove's firebox is constructed with this material giveing it longevity which lasts longer than steel, cast iron and refractory bricks often used in other wood stove designs. The stone slab forms both the interior wall, which absorbs the heat from the fire and the exterior wall which is polished and radiates heat into the room.

Once heated, it stays warm for hours, long after the fire has gone out. It is a gentle, even and comfortable heat, with the surface temperature of the stove less hot, thus making it much safer for homes with young children and pets. In addition to the efficiency and effectiveness of soapstone stoves, the actual stone has attractive veining and natural patterns that add a decorative touch.

In the Select Collection there are the following stoves:
Equinox - This stove comes with a large firebox which can burn logs of 25 inches through a front door or a easy loading side door. It is described as the powerhouse stove capable of heating up to 3500sq ft, 120,000 BTUs of heat output, a burn time of up to 12 hours and a heat life of 16 hours. Rated with an efficiency of 82% it has a great fire viewing glass door.

Heritage - This model also has a large fire box with greater heat output and beautiful detailing. It has a side store which facilitates loading logs up to 21 inches. It has a burn time of up to 8 hours, a sustained heat life of 12 hours, and heats approximate 1900 sq ft with 55,000 BTUs. It's efficiency rate is 81%

Homestead - A mid size stove that has the option of a hearth mount insert or a freestanding stove. It is considered one of the most efficient wood stoves on the market. A slim profile and classic styling which can heat up to 1800 sq ft., it has a heat life of 12 hours and a burn time of 8 hours. It has 50,000BTUs of heat output, a maximum log length of 21 inches and an efficiency rating of 83.5%

Mansfield - Considered the workhorse providing up to 14 hours of sustained heat. A burn time of 10 hours while producing 80,000BTUs. It is highly recommended for the colder climates. The maximum length of the log is 21 inches with a little lower efficiency rating of 77.4%.

Phoenix - A hybrid stove utilizing both soapstone and cast iron. This is a compact, powerful stove designed for heating 2000 sq ft. It has a burn time of 8 hours, a heat life of 12 hours with a 60,000BTU output and an efficiency rating of 75%. It also takes the 21 inch log.

Tribute - This is similar to the Heritage in looks but for those who require less heat for a smaller home. It heats 1000sq ft. and burns up to 5 hours. It has heat life of 7 hours with 36,000BTUs of heat output. It has an efficiency rating of 83% and handles a maximum log length of 16 inches.

Euro Collection:
These are Hearthstone Wood Stove's answer to the contemporary Euro stove designs. These stoves are sleek, sophisticated and very chic, made with superior materials and craftsmanship.

Bari - A stove in a cylindrical shape which will rotate 180 degrees. A curved glass window adds to its unique design. Capable of heating up to 1400 sq ft. with an efficiency rating of 80%. It generates 35,000 BTUs and takes a 17 inch log loaded vertically.

Tula - A clean line design and compact. It comes with a large firebox, a unique glass frame and large viewing area. It is certified for a clean burn and has one of the highest efficiency ratings of 88%. It heats a 1300 sq ft. area with 30,000 BTUs and takes a 17 inch log loaded vertically as well.

Hergom Collection:
This is Hearthstone Wood Stove's cast iron collection. Cast iron is well noted for its superb heat conduction, resilience and long lasting abilities. This collection is elegant and timeless as well as very functional.

Bennington - The largest of cast iron wood stoves, generates 70,000 BTU's fully loaded. It has a double wall cast iron frame, which heats a 2200 sq ft house comfortably. It burns 10 hours with a heat life of 12 hours and an efficiency rating of 76%. It holds a log 23 inches long.

Craftsbury - Rated as a medium heating stove with small dimensions that are perfect for smaller homes. It heats up to a 1300 sq ft. area with a burn time of 6 hours. It has a heat life of 7 hours, 40,000 BTUs of heat output, and an efficiency of 81%. It accommodates a log of 17 inches.

Shelburne - This is the classic looking wood stove with large heating capacity. Considered very functional and suited for mid-size homes of 1800 sq ft. it has burn time of 8 hours with 10 hours heat life. It is capable of producing 50,000 BTUs with an efficiency of 80%. It can handle a 20 inch log.

The HearthStone Wood Stoves vast collection offer buyers a beautiful way to warm their homes from the rustic to the elegant and casual to formal designs with some of the best efficiency ratings in the marketplace.

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