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When you're doing research on heating with wood you definately need to consider the Jotul Wood Stoves with a history of more than 150 years and many awards for design excellence. Jotul has been in the business of manufacturing and marketing cast iron stoves and fireplaces since 1853. The company focus on timeless design, quality, safety and consumer-friendly benefits has ensured that they remain one of the leaders in this industry. They offer traditional as well as contemporary designed stoves, inserts and fireplaces.

This company claims to have a warmth philosophy stating "we have a passion for warmth." With it's traditional Norwegian craftsmanship, and commitment to high standards and design, Jotul has subsidiaries in USA, Denmark, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland and France and is well established to continue to serve the world.

Jotul stoves are made of cast iron, the preferred material for stoves due to its extreme durablity and excellent heat radiating characteristics. Cast iron does not deform thus ensuring that even the doors will continue to close tightly after many years of use. Individual parts can easily be replaced. These stoves heat naturally through air inclusions, which distribute heat more evenly for much longer periods than comparable stoves made by competitors. They are simply built to last.

Jotul Castine F400 CB This is one of the newer stoves, introduced in 2001. This model recently took on a new design with gothic arch, and better window for viewing the fire, plus it has the air wash system to keep the glass clean. It is a mid size single door, non catalytic woodstove. This model has various options for finishes, which makes it very popular and with an eight hour burn time, very convenient. It too has a thermal efficiency rating of 75%. The 55,000BTU heating output is quite adequate for a 1600 sq foot area. It handles logs up to 20 inches.

Jotul Oslo F500 CB This stove utilizes the newest non-catalytic technology. It comes with a heat output of 40,000 BTU/hr, heating a 2000 sq ft area comfortably. Longer logs up to 22 inches, can be used with this model and it has a burn time of nine hours on a low setting.

Jotul Nordic F100 QT This model is popular due to the one of the largest window viewing areas of all similar stoves in its class. It is a non-catalytic stove and burns with a 75% efficiencyrating. It can heat up to 1000 sq ft with a heat output of 35,000 BTU/hr and will burn up to 6 hours on low. Log sizes need to be 16 inches or less to burn in this stove. Options for finishes include matte black or a blue/black enamel finish.

Jotul Firelight F600 CB Classed as the premier wood stove for Jotul, it is also the largest cast iron wood stove turning out 81,500 BTU/hr which easily handles a 2500 sq ft area. It also features a double door which is very unique to wood stove designs. Logs up to 24 inches can be burned in this stove with an estimated nine hour burn time on low. It too has a rating of 75% efficiency. For those who do not like to wash dirty glass, this is provided in the air-wash system which is designed to keep the glass clean. This model is also a non-catalytic stove.

Jotul F 602 CB One of the most successful selling stoves ever producted and also the smallest, lowest priced on the market. The design is simple with only one air control lever operating the entire wood stove. It has a maximum heat output of 28,000 BTU/hr, which is sufficient to heat 800 sq feet, burning up to five hours with a low setting. It has an efficiency rating of 75%. The maximum length of a log for this stove is 16 inches. This Jotul stove is alcove approved for US and Canada

Jotul F3 CB A mid size wood stove, very convenient to use and popular due to price. With this stove, a choice of five different color options are available. It has a 75% efficiency rating and produces 42,000 BTU/hr which can heat 1800 sq ft.

With many of these Jotul Wood Stoves, Jotul will provide a certification statement if buyers require proof for tax credits.

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