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The advent of fire has changed many things for man starting with eating cooked food instead of raw meat and vegetables. He got protection from predators and the harsh climatic conditions with a fire burning in his cave. We have come a long way from the days of eternal flame to the present day, where we now have a choice to heat our homes with wood stoves. One name that is prominent in this arena is Regency wood stoves.

Regency Wood Stoves has carved out a name for themselves right from the day of their inception in 1979. Their stoves are known for saving fuel through zone heat, environmentally friendly models certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and a specially designed firebox with airflow that allows the wood to burn completely. In addition all Regency stoves are eligible for the U S Biomass tax credit. Custom elegance and controllable heat is another inherent feature of Regency Wood Stoves. The utmost care in manufacturing enables them to offer a lifetime warranty for their products. They come in several different models to suit all heating needs.

Regency Alterra Wood Stoves CS1200 CS2400: This is the latest design that focuses on a brilliant glowing fire and offers an impressive 20% more viewing area than traditional wood stoves.

Other features include convenient firewood storage at the base, easy loading with a unique modern style backed up by the reliability and excellence of the Regency tradition. Along with the standard features there are optional provisions for colored side panels in Black, Stainless Steel and Red in CS 1200 and Blue in CS 2400 models. Additional options include an ash drawer, 2 speed blower, outside air kit, and metallic black floor pad.Regency Classic Wood Stoves F1100, F240, F3100, S2400: Capable of producing 55,000 to 80,000 British Thermal Units (BTUs), these stoves come in four models. With 77% efficiency they will quickly warm up any room. These units burn wood that complies with the DEQ Washington Phase II Clean Air Standards of 4.5grams per hour. They offer optional features like a bottom heat shield for leg models, cast Iron legs in gold, black or brushed nickel color, and pedestal base. They are suitable for medium sized rooms and for installation in tight alcoves.

Alterra Wood Inserts CI1250, CI1200: These are made with the next generation of contemporary fireplace design. The sleek, modern design features a flush door and surrounds that transform a normal plain fireplace into an elegant and efficient heater. They come with a standard flue adapter or with a unique 4-1/2”optional offset flue adapter. For installation flexibility Alterra is also available without the blower. Their unique design makes them a perfect fit in most of the masonry or factory built open fireplaces.

Classic Wood Inserts I1200, I2100 Hearth Heater: The Classic wood inserts are suitable where a standard wood insert is too big but requires a compact style fireplace. Even in its compactness they deliver an impressive 55,000 BTU’s in addition to a dramatic view through its large glass door.

Classic Wood Inserts I2400, I3100: While open type fire places allow as much as 90% of the heat to escape through the chimney, the Classic Wood Inserts are ideal for keeping the heat inside your home. Thus they increase the elegance of the fireplace while reducing your monthly heating bill.

Wood Fireplaces R90, EX90: Regency created a designer front for your hard working fire place. These fireplace fronts will provide up to 70,000 BTU's of heat and will burn for up to eight hours.

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