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Now that you have decided to purchase a wood or pellet stove or if you already have one you may be interested to know that there are some very handy accessories that will not only make operating your stove easier but will make it more efficient as well.

One of the more popular accessories is a fan which will help to disperse the warm air throughout the room for a more uniform temperature. Some fans are thermostatically controlled which further helps to maintain a constant level of heat while others sit on top of the stove and are powered by the heat from the stove itself. Some are called eco fans. The greater the heat the faster it turns.
A doorway fan is placed in the upper corner of a doorway between two rooms and allows the warm air from the room where the stove is located to be blown into an adjacent room.

Stove Pipe Heat Reclaimer.
This is a dandy device that will squeeze the last drop of heat from your wood or pellet stove. It mounts 15” to 24” above the stove on the stovepipe and uses heat exchangers along with a thermostatically controlled fan to capture the heat from the flue that would otherwise be lost and circulates it into the room.

Ash Bucket and Shovel.
Another indispensable accessory is an ash removal bucket with a lid and shovel which you’ll need when you clean out your stove. Of course, if you want to skip the shoveling part you can opt for a vacuum cleaner designed specifically for cleaning wood stoves and fireplaces. This will also reduce some of the ash that inevitably escapes when you're using the shovel and bucket method.

One of the basic and least expensive accessories you should consider is a thermometer. These usually are attached to the stove top with a magnet and will show the recommended burn-temperature zone. Keeping your stove at the right temperature will help conserve wood and avoid the buildup of creosote.

Log Rack.
If you have a wood burning stove you will need to haul in logs from your storage area and a canvass bag will make that job easier. It will also keep the logs neatly by the stove ready to burn. This is a great gift idea and you can even get one with the person's initials.
Another handy accessory is a log rack that you keep inside. These usually hold a fair amount of wood so you don't have to trudge out to the wood pile as often. Some of these racks are fitted with wheels so you can load it up outside and then park it by your stove. If your wood supply is some distance from the house you can consider an outside firewood rack that is kept on a porch or in a garage.

Starting Your Fire.
If you want to make it super easy to get the fire started you can purchase fire-starting logs or nuggets which work for outside fires as well. These often come with a pleasant scent, are environmentally friendly and have an unlimited shelf life. They are often made of a highly resinous, pulverized pitch wood sawdust and paraffin wax. They light easily and burn long enough to get the fire going so you don't need newspaper or starting fluids which may give off an unpleasant odor. These also make a good gift for the wood stove owner that “has it all”.

Gloves and Fireplace Tool Sets.
These are two items that are really essential to wood stove operation. When the stove is burning and you need to add wood a good pair of gloves that extend well above the wrists along with some tongs and a poker will make this operation easier and safer.

Stove Top Kettle.
A cast iron kettle that holds two to three quarts of water will add humidity to the room and prevent the dryness that is often part of winter weather. This is especially true if you're heating with wood or pellets. Cast iron is better than any old kettle that you use in the kitchen because it won't be damaged if it should run dry.

These are some of the popular accessories that will make the operation of your wood stove easier, safer, and more efficient.

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